Latin Restaurant

134 LATIN FOOD is a reputable Latin restaurant in Miami, FL.

Visit us for some great food and good times.

Authentic and Delicious Latin Food

We offer the perfect setting for business lunches, family or romantic meals. Since 2017, we have been serving customers with the most authentic and delicious Latin dishes.

If you want to enjoy the tastes of latin food in Miami, book a table at 134 LATIN FOOD. We will be glad to have you.

"Business lunches, family or romantic meals"

Latin Restaurant Miami
Latin Restaurant South Miami

Classic and Modern Dishes

Our chefs specialize in not only all the classic Latin and Hispanic cooking styles, but they also like to add a touch of contemporary flavors to our dishes to please the newer generations.

Spice up your day and travel through your palate at 134 LATIN FOOD. We promise you will love the food, atmosphere, and service alike. Drop by today!

"Spice up your day and travel through your palate"

Why Choose 134 LATIN FOOD?

  • Reputable restaurant
  • Great service
  • Varied menu
  • Clean and friendly spot
  • Affordable prices

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