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Welcome to 134 LATIN FOOD!

The first-choice Latin restaurant in Miami, FL.

Authentic Flavors

Operating since 2017, 134 LATIN FOOD serves the best Latin, Hispanic, and Cuban dishes in the area. All our food is prepared with authentic and fresh produce to guarantee an exceptional experience for our customers.

Our varied menu is designed to cater to the tastes of everyone, from kids to adults and the elderly. If you want to enjoy some good times with family or friends, stop by today!

"The best Latin, Hispanic, and Cuban food in town"

Latin Restaurant Miami
Hispanic Cuisine South Miami

A Friendly Spot

Conveniently located near a gas station and car wash, 134 LATIN FOOD welcomes you in a warm and friendly setting. We are known for our great customer service and affordable prices.

Come in to enjoy a meal or grab a coffee before you get on with your business.

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"Great customer service and affordable prices"

Why Choose Us?

  • Extensive experience
  • Skilled and dedicated team
  • Professional service
  • Delicious food
  • Friendly environment

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